Dr. Miki Shibata

Dr. Shibata is originally from Waterloo, Ontario. She graduated from the University of Guelph in 2001 and has been an associate veterinarian with Greenbank and Village of Manotick Animal hospitals since then. In 2010, Miki became a full partner. Miki has volunteered her time as a committee member of the National Companion Animal Coalition since 2007 and has also volunteered with Community Veterinary Outreach, an organization that helps animals belonging to homeless and street-involved people. She is also a member of VIN, CVMA, and OVMA and was Fear Free certified in 2019. Miki and her husband Shawn live with a number of furry companions including four cuddly cats named Sprite, Phillip, Leroy Brown, and Tiny Spicy Pants. They have two crazy and fun border collies and one whippet cross that enjoy frisbee, flyball, sport detection, and agility. Miki is like a "soccer mom" to her dogs and often spends weekends at various dog sport venues.