Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Rabies vaccine - my pet is indoor, does he/she need it?

Rabies is 100% fatal for both pets and people! Ottawa is currently considered high risk since documented wildlife rabies is headed in our direction. Rabies is carried primarily by skunks, raccoons and foxes, but all mammals are susceptible (bats included). Most of us in the suburban areas know that skunks and raccoons live here with us. Research has shown that the best way to protect our families is to vaccinate our pets. It only takes one escape by our cat or one "potty" break for the dog to meet up with an infected animal - and it could be in your back yard.

In addition, it is Ontario provincial law that all dogs and cats be vaccinated for rabies. If your pet should bite someone, even if provoked or by accident, the province can demand euthanasia and rabies testing if your pet does not have a current rabies vaccination. This is for the protection of the bitten person.

Any person bitten by any animal should seek immediate medical attention. Rabies must be prevented by vaccinating the person soon after exposure. In addition, bacterial infections caused by bite wounds are very common and also very serious. Any bite wound should be treated by a human physician accordingly.