Hormone Replacement Cream may be Dangerous to your Pet

May 2011

It is important to know that your pet can be affected from licking and ingesting the cream off of your skin. These "transdermal" medications are designed to be absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream. They can also be absorbed through your pet's skin. If you apply the cream to your arms and then hold your pet in your bare arms, the medication can be absorbed into their bloodstream also.

Exposure to this medication can cause hormonal imbalances in your pet, resulting in an changes to the external genitalia (swelling or shrinking), enlarged mammary glands, and hair loss. It may also suppress the bone marrow causing anemia and may predispose your pet to developing mammary cancer in the future. These hormones may also cause behavioral changes.

It is easy to prevent your pet from accidentally being exposed. Apply the cream to areas of your skin that will not be in contact with your pet and that will be covered by clothing. Wear gloves when you apply the cream and wash your hands very well after.